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Microcement, also known as micro-screed or micro-concrete, is a polymer modified cement-based coating which can be applied thinly to walls, stairs and floors in domestic and commercial environments. … This means there are no unexpected design and/or flooring failures which often arise after installing polished concrete.


Microcement in the Building Trade

Microcementing has multiple uses within the building trade, many more than most people realise used within the household. It is also referred to as Micro-Concrete although the two are slightly different for numerous purposes. Microcementing can be used as a floor screed, as a wall plastered product for walls or even as a microcement furniture.

Can you Paint over Microcement?

Yes, you can combine the different microcement colours even when finished on the same surface; the key is to carefully delimit the surface to receive a further colour.

Microcement is currently one of the foremost trending decorative styles globally. It offers texture and variegation in shade and colour to interior and exterior walls and floors which paint can only dream of matching. Worktops, furniture, shop counters and reception desks are increasingly given the design umph of microcement.

Seamless: One of the most important design points of microcement is that it offers the interior and exterior space – walls, floors, ceilings – a seamless application.

Concrete: A popular aesthetics requested is that of polished concrete. We have a developed an application technique which recreates a finish just like polished concrete. Of course polished concrete comes in many different styles. Along with our standard designs, we can tailor the colours and variegation, patches, swirls and other marks, to match any polished concrete you have seen or can imagine.

Real concrete: We also offer a specialist polished concrete service please call for details. Where it is impossible to lay real polished concrete – staircases, steps, up-stands and walls – we can we can match, using microcement, the design of the real concrete laid on the adjacent floors.

Suitable substrates: Microcement can be applied over virtually all the existing surfaces on, in or around a building. At around 2mm thick, depending on the aesthetic, it adds so little depth to a surface that it is not normally necessary to remove anything – just go straight over the existing. On new-build projects, all modern construction materials are suitable to have microcement applied to them. These include sand and cement screed, anhydrite screed, dry lining, plaster, wood boards including MDF and plywood, cement board, all types of levelling screed both cementitious and latex.

Maintenance: This material is very easy to maintain. We use only the highest quality sealers which are extremely stain resistant. It is the sealer that takes the wear floors so it is vital that this is of the highest quality. Of course, any floor will get dirty. Cleaning is simple with water and and a neutral soap (an ideal product can be purchased from us). After the sealers are applied and cured it is suggested that a polish be applied, though this is not at all required (the sealers are tough anyway. This is known as a sacrificial coat and is normally applied again periodically. We can apply this coat as part of our service when the microcement is first applied. We also offer the polishes to purchase – available in satin, gloss and high gloss.


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